Welcome to PreInk

PreInk is a pre-incubation program to create the foundation to a successful
business and embark on the startup journey, hosted by an experienced team.
The team working in this collaborative project represent incubators
in Southern Sweden (BBI, Minc & Ideon Innovation) and Blekinge Institute of Technology.
The PreInk program is free of charge and provides the opportunity to join a network,
with offerings such as coaching, co-working spaces and workshops –
where ideas can grow into the companies of the future. Starting in September 2020,
PreInk will provide people with passion the right tools to develop their business ideas,
surrounded by peer entrepreneurs who are also setting out on their journey.  


What can PreInk provide?

A six-month program

Designed to help you turn your business idea into a sustainable company of the future. Made possible by development-oriented expertise on pre-incubation for early stage entrepreneurs.

Contents and offerings

The contents and offerings of the PreInk program include access to business coaching, frequent activities such as workshops and access to the non-designated workspaces with on-site Wifi and coffee.

Supportive community

A place in our supportive community, where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and coaches. A professional team that will back you up and help you develop your business.


Apply with your idea

Take the first step towards turning your idea into reality by applying to one of the PreInk incubators.
Located in Malmö, Lund, Karlskrona and Karlshamn and of course digitally available worldwide.
We welcome applications from all over the Skåne & Blekinge region and look forward to hear about your ideas!

Build your business

PreInk is hosted by the incubators.
Participating in the program will grant you access
to a nurturing environment for innovation and collaboration.
A place for people and a place for passion. As well as the PreInk program,
you will be welcomed into our community and access free events,
like weekly community breakfasts and a network of
companies and support organisations.

Questions concerning collaborations or contributions to the PreInk concept?