Meet the Startup – Impact Jobs

Impact Jobs – Ideon Startup

Impact Jobs is Sweden’s community for purpose-driven job seekers who have decided on a sustainable career. On the platform, there are meaningful jobs with sustainable companies, as well as inspiration in the form of blogs, podcasts, and events to maximize the benefits to society. Their vision is that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute with a positive impact on society through their work.

Meet Kristina Bohnerth, founder of Impact Jobs. When she graduated from the University of Uppsala she was eager to start working but didn’t want to work for a company that wasn’t sustainable. Her first thought was to work in a non-profit sector but realized that with little experience it was hard to enter into the working life. After some time Kristina finally landed a job in a startup but after maternity leave, she made the decision to start her own, the decision was made and Impact Jobs was created with the vision that everyone should be able to contribute to a sustainable world through their work.

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