Learnings from PreInk

This month we have been focusing on how we can reach different groups in society. One of our main goals at PreInk is to get more women into entrepreneurship, and the question is, how do we get there?

Getting more women to start their own businesses is something that we constantly talk about in the Startup community. Google started #westart incubator, an incubator for females and non-binary persons to apply, Facebook is having their 5th #SheMeansBusiness, an event to support and connect with female entrepreneurs across 27 EU member states, Minc is having their 6th Nordic Female Investor Meetup, to involve more women into entrepreneurship and investment and to raise the question, how do we get more women into the Startup-system? The movement is out there, so how do we get there?

At PreInk, we aim to learn and try new techniques, our latest discussion was based on 

TietoEVRY and how they changed some of the words in a job ad, by changing some of the words they got 32% more female applications. A total improvement and extremely inspiring for us to learn about. This is not a solution, but it’s a way for us to get there and also one learning we are taking with us.