Meet the Startup – ReGlove

ReGlove – BTH Startup

Their system produces a glove made out of polyvinyl alcohol, a water-soluble polymer, that can easily be dissolved, sterilized, and remolded into new gloves. The solution is a machine that encompasses all of these steps, enabling an in-house recycling system.

From BTH-students to starting a startup. This is their story. It all began when they realized that in 2016, 2.6 million metric tons of non-biodegradable single-use PPE waste was generated with approximately 300 billion single-use gloves landfilled that year. It is the most clinical way to operate, to throw away single-use materials like gloves. The problem is afterward when a large amount f non-recyclable waste is created. During COVID-19 these supplies started to end and it was hard to get a hold of them. There was two problems to solve here, environmental and never-ending supply.

The machine sterilizes and reproduces biodegradable protective gloves using a chemically advanced polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). The ReGlove glove works like a nitrile glove, is durable and malleable, but more importantly it can be dissolved in water and reshaped, over and over again, in the place they are intended to be used.

We love this invention! Looking forward to seeing how the future is going to be with ReGlove!