About PreInk

PreInk was established in September 2020 and will be conducted until February 2023. The project is hosted by Southern Sweden business incubators BBI, Minc, Ideon Innovation in collaboration with Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Tillväxtverket and Region Blekinge.

PreInk aims to create a more diverse innovation landscape, and stimulate regional growth by facilitating the connection of local ideas with resourceful organizations.

The pre-incubation program is tailored to the needs of new ideas to endorse early stage entrepreneurs in the Skåne/Blekinge region. By providing tools, solutions and community, PreInk creates a constructive and supportive environment connecting the participants with peer entrepreneurs.

Trustworthy team

PreInk is hosted by the incubators and gathers the expertise of renowned resources located in the region – coaching you on your journey.


A program tailored specifically to the needs of early stage entrepreneurs – actualizing the sustainable ideas of future businesses.


Participants will be able to network with peer entrepreneurs and connect to the leading innovation facilitators in the Öresund region.


Frequently asked Questions

Who can apply to PreInk?

Anyone based in the Skåne/Blekinge region with an idea. Every successful business started with an idea, so don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the PreInk incubators with your application.

How do I apply to PreInk?

You apply to PreInk via the links here, through to the contact forms of the incubators. We welcome applications from all over the region and look forward to hear from you!

Is PreInk free of charge?

Yes it is! There is no fee to participate in the PreInk program.

What is pre-incubation?

Pre-incubation is the early stage support provided for entrepreneurs prior to enrolling in an incubator program. This kind of help is well suited for those that have just set out on the innovation journey and want to elevate their business to the next level.

What is an incubator and how can it help me?

An incubator is an organization specialized in aiding new and startup companies. A space to cultivate ideas and receive tangible support when growing your business.



PreInk Partners

PreInk is a project that was born with the collaboration of different organizations who believe in entrepreneurship and innovation as drivers towards regional growth and inclusive landscapes.